The molds and instruments supplied for the tests lab are:

  • HOPPER for molds 40 x 40 x 160 mm (it used in order to not spill any material while introducing the mortar into the mold 3 places).
  • Steel MOLD 3 places Standard: UNI EN 6009 196-1, for beams 40 x 40 x 160 mm. Hardness HV 400 min.
  • Steel MOLD 3 places, hardness HV 200. Standard: UNI EN 1015-11, UNI EN 196-1, for beams 40 x 40 x 160 mm. The mold is marked in each part.
  • MOLD for shrinkage tests Standard: ASTM C 348, UNI EN 6687-73, for beams of 160 x 40 x 40 mm; 6 plugs (with ferrules brings plugs), in the heads. Hardness HV 400 min (this mold is used exclusively for shrinkage test). It is adjusted on all surfaces and it is built in steel. The closure consists of screw knob; it is suitable for the packaging of samples with dimensions 40x40x160 mm.

All molds are normed and equipped with anti-corrosion surface treatment. They have the serial number on each accessory that constitutes the complete mold.
For mortar tests are mainly used molds three-places of 40x40x160 mm excluding the cubic molds used for concrete tests. The cube-shaped molds do not allow a perfect compaction in the presence of big dimensions aggragate thus the samples for concrete and not for mortars are indicated in the production.

For the compaction it is possible to use not only the jolting table, but also a manual method using the following accessories:

  • aluminum pestle 12 x 12 x 130 mm (EN 1015-11)
  • large spreader (EN 196-1)
  • small spreader (EN 196-1)


Instrument used to get three prismatic samples of dimensions 160x40x40 mm.Instrument used to get three prismatic samples of dimensions 160x40x40 mm.

Steel molds for robust pipes and joists, with interlocking separators, and with accurately machined inner walls. The molds are particularly recommended for laboratory tests.