It is used to homogenize and emulsify solutions, materials and substances up to a capacity of 7L.

The homogenizer or emulsifier is used widley for biology, physics and chemistry, cosmetics, health products. The mixing and emulsion of a substance is important for scientific research institutions and for product manufacturing and formulation. It has a rotor and two circolar blades with a diameter of 28mm and 36mm. The blades work with high speed making the dispersion homogeneous, thanks to strong shear power and mighty high-frequency mixing. Range of rotation speed from 300r/min to 18000r/min.

Characteristics: maximum working capacity = 7L. Interchangeable dispersing insruments capable to satisfy different process requirements. Speed control = part of integrated control system for whole equipment. 
Dispersing instruments: (manual lifting) different teeth of the dispersing instruments. The dispersing is equipped with a mechanical seal which makes it suitable in a closed bowl. There are round openings on the stator of the dispersing instrument to offer shear force while mixing. Dispersing instrument has a specially designed tube fixed onto the stator.

Power Supply: AC 220 V 50 Hz; input power (W) = 510; output power (W) = 300; range of speed(r/min) = 300~18,000; = stirring blade diameter(mm): = 28, 36; stator(mm2) =  -- - ; max. capacity (water) = 7,0 L ; size (mm): = 350×250×720.
Characteristics: precise fitting of the rotor and stator, claw-type work head. Safe and reliable explosion proof option mobile tanks are available. Three types of clamp for choice. Stable and dependable driving system. Good shearing effect. Wide viscosity range. Infinitely variable speed transmission. Three types of emulsifying heads. Numerical speed display.
Purpose: the material will be super fine dispersed and emulsified. It is applicable to make emulsion in laboratory.
Advantage: stable operation, less noise, cleaning easily.
In technology, the homogenization consists in a single operation by which a heterogeneous mixture is made homogeneous.

A mixture is called "chemically homogeneous" when the mixture has the same composition in each point of space, while it is called “chemically heterogeneous” if it has a concentration gradient between the various parts that compose it.
This Emulsifier adopts high-speed rotation to create strong shearing force. This convection action can be diffused in a short period of time for mixing, emulsifying and homogeneous agitation.
The operation of homogenization is essentially a particular case of the mixing operation. In particular the mixing between insoluble phases it is important in order to obtain a suspension or an emulsion.



It is used for homogenising, emulsifying solutions up to a capacity of 7L.