The digital Phmeter Table Biuged BGD285 can display the pH of a sample rapidly and directly, with low costs and high performance. It is ideal for all applications in water quality testing, chemical testing in laboratories and soil/fertilizers testing. Suitable for many ASTM and ISO test procedures, it has the following characteristics:

  • measured pH range: 0.00 up to 14.00;
  • resolution and accuracy: pH 0.01;
  • mV range: from 0 up to 1999 mV;
  • automatic temperature compensation from 0 C up to 100 C;
  • reading stability with pH shift measured: 0.01 ph / within 3 hours;
  • power by mains current: 220V.

The model BGD 285 is a digital pH-meter with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) or manual (MTC). The display shows the temperature of the sample and, for aqueous solutions, the value of temperature, pH and the mV for the determination of the electrodes potential in research laboratories. If it is equipped with an appropriate selective electrode toward the ions, it can be used in potentiometric titrations. The potentiometric titration is an analytical method that allows to indirectly derive the concentration of the test substance to measure the change of the electrochemical potential of the cell due to the addition of a titrant. It is used for acid-base titrations, using a pH meter and redox, precipitation and complexometric titrations.

The instrument is based on a current potential generated by an electrode and a reference electrode to which you can measure different degrees of acidity. The DC potential is sent to a converter ADC to be then displayed on the display in terms of pH. The instrument before being used requires a calibration to be performed once a day (no need to run it again every time you make a measurement). The calibration can be performed according to two methods, namely:

  • single point calibration, for a normal use of the instrument;
  • two-point calibration, for exact measurements;
  • adjusting the pH detected by the instrument, in calibration mode, until it coincides with the pH of the known solution.


This test is used to determine the pH of sample, using the digital table pH meter Biuged BGD285 able to display the pH of sample quickly and directly, with low cost and high performance. It is ideal for all kinds of water quality, chemical testing in laboratory and soil/fertilizer testing.