It is an automatic hydraulic press with capacity of 100 kN. It is used for flexural tests on concrete panels 100mm x 100mm x 400/500 mm and 150mm x 150mm x 600/750 mm, concrete slabs with thin thickness, fiber reinforced concrete panels. It is equipped with strain gauge load cell and it consists of a pair of bearers (one fixed and one oscillating/rotating) whose distance is adjustable up to a max. 450 mm; a pair of upper knives oscillating/rotary mounted on the oscillating system, with possibility of adjusting the distance at max 150 mm. One of the knives in excess can be easily removed to allow you to perform load testing center. The device for applying loads consists of:

  • two supporting rollers;
  • two upper rollers carried by an articulated cross member, that divides the load applied by the machine equally between the two rollers.

All steel rollers have a circular cross-section with a diameter from 20 mm to 40 mm.

It is possible to carry out tests subjecting the samples to a peak load or distributed load. In the first case the load is applied in such a way that it is distributed along an axis, in the second case the load is distributed on a surface. The tests on all the products, are made after 28 days of curing. The machine is connected to the PC on which the software is installed. The software during the test builds the load curve; the abscissa axis shows the time (s), the ordinate axis shows the load (kN). The user can choose to display on the ordinate axis resistance (MPa). When the sample arrives at breaking, the software shows the value of breaking. The software gives the possibility to enter the data of the sample (name, date of packaging, conditions, curing time, etc.), so it is possible to get reports of each test.



It is used for flexural tests on concrete panels, concrete slabs with thin thickness, fiber-reinforced concrete panels.