It is an automatic hydraulic press with a capacity of 300 kN and 20 kN. The structure has a single compartment equipped with two coaxial load cells, respectively 20 kN and 300 kN; that a lower capacity is safeguarded against overload with an automatic stop of deformation; the scale change takes place automatically without solution of continuity. The loading plates are provided of diameter 166 mm and thickness 30 mm, positioned at a vertical distance of 320 mm. It is equipped with a spherical joint in an oil, which has the prerogative of crashing without effort to then stop with the load growth. With the use of appropriate devices you can perform compression tests (compression of 40mmx40mm sections, compression of diameter 50 mm section), flexural tests (device for flexural of the samples 40 mm x 40 mm x 160 mm, equipped with two lower supports with a distance of 100 mm and an upper oscillating knife). Typically for the flexural test a load gradient is used amounted to 0.17 (N / mm2) / s, for the compression test of a load gradient is used equal to 0.5 (N / mm2) / s. The samples are first broken in flexion, then the two halves of the sample, are subjected to a compression test. The machine is connected to the PC on which the software is installed. The software builds during the test the load curve; the abscissa axis indicates the time (s), the ordinate axis indicates the load (kN). The user can choose to display on the ordinate the strength (MPa). When the sample arrives at break, the software shows the value of rupture. The software gives the possibility to enter the sample data (name, date of packaging, conditions, setting time, etc.), then you can get the test reports for each test performed. The realization, totally innovative for these test machines allows excellent precision of operation, either if it is to provide for the loading and unloading ramps, both if it is to maintain a constant load; in the latter case the motor is running only occasional adjustments in feedback, eliminating the overheating of the hydraulic fluid and its consequences in terms of overall response of the machine. With this frame are performed compression and flexural tests on samples of all kinds of mortars, plasters, gypsum, stucco, waterproofing, screed.


Automatic hydraulic press with a capacity of 300 kN and 20 kN.Automatic hydraulic press with a capacity of 300 kN and 20 kN.Automatic hydraulic press with a capacity of 300 kN and 20 kN.