A full instrumentation for all tests on construction materials, for a laboratory motor of innovation.

Hackthemat is a laboratory for tests on construction materials with dozens of equipment, largely computerized, able to carry out hundreds of tests, to assist the customer with his formulations, to characterize physically and morphologically most of commercially available materials. Very original in its conception, it has a team of technicians, with most assorted skills, that can meet different demands. In the laboratory are always available hundreds of raw materials, dozens of substrates, additives, resins, mineral fillers and natural reagents from the 5 continents. Such a development capability allows us to create the most elaborate formulations.

With us, research serves environment, to find new technological solutions that combine quality and technology. Hackthemat can operate on very complex test campaigns that go well beyond the methodological limitations of standards. The laboratory has a system of assistance to the formulation Rosetta 2.0 - Cloud Lab 1.0 and iNephos 2.0 developed internally. This system is able to track and manage all lab operations in a centralized way. Among the equipment stand out systems for the dynamic measurement of shrinkage and movement through non-contact laser interferometry, the first Italian installation of Morphology equipped with RAMAN spectroscopy and a SEM equipped with X-ray microanalysis.
- Each process, laboratory experiment and customer feedback is recorded and cataloged.

Some available instruments:

  • Presses for mortars 20-300 kN
  • Press for compression tests on concrete 2000 kN
  • Press for flexural tests on concrete 200 kN
  • Shrinkage linear comparator
  • Climatic cabinet for curing
  • Pull-off
  • Vicat needle with thermostatic bath
  • Jolting table
  • Press for flexural tests on adhesives
  • Electro-magnetic sieve shaker
  • 3-places apparatus for waterproof test
  • Mixer for mortar
  • Automatic scratch test
  • Wet scrub resistance tester
  • Taber abrasion test
  • Impact resistance tester
  • Pen hardness tester
  • Hardness scratch tester
  • UV-ray test chamber
  • Salt fog cabinet
  • Ventilated oven
  • Muffle furnace
  • Viscometer
  • Homogenizer
  • Colorimeter
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Color assessment cabinet
  • High ISO photo system
  • SEM with X-rays microanalysis
  • Morphology with Raman spectrometer
  • Rosetta 2.0
  • Schleibinger Instrument, Cone, bending drain and thin layer


Other services:

  • REACH/CLP documentation drafting (MSDS) in 5 languages
  • Labels editing
  • Technical datasheets drafting
  • Digital colour analysis & development, for powder production
  • Reproduction service for material features