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Laboratory for tests on building materials for the construction industry

Hackthemat is a building materials testing laboratory, where dozens of technologies applied to building materials have been developed in recent years. The laboratory is one of the most advanced in the study of building materials existing in Italy and deals with specific tests investing almost 50% of resources in research and development. A research center, which in addition to being a laboratory of tests on building materials, is a school of higher education.
A team of technicians and specialists works daily to develop and test new products and new systems for construction, and is present on construction sites to analyze materials in their real use, outside the laboratory. It has a rich fleet of over 50 instruments, always increasing, able to perform hundreds of different tests for many different types of products. This has allowed us to be among the only companies active in the chemical building chemistry periodically selected for international competitions, and also the first company in Southern Italy to have attracted private venture capital funds in the selection of highly innovative projects.